Winston Privacy

Enjoy faster browsing, fewer ads, and safer internet

Winston is a device that delivers a better internet experience in a way that ad blockers and plugins can’t. Winston protects every connected device in your home. 

  • Blocks most internet surveillance
  • Stops ads and trackers
  • Accelerates browsing
  • Protects every device from kids' Tablets to Smart TVs
  • Easily switch between "High Compatibility" and "Aggressive" modes
  • Guard mobile devices with our app (coming soon!)
  • Access to the Winston Privacy Mesh network, a zero-logging distributed network that scrambles your internet activity over 30 IP addresses at once
  • Integrated web extension to heighten browser privacy 


Browse the web anonymously by stripping away surveillance


Protect every IoT device in your home from your doorbell to your smart tv


Enjoy faster browsing, fewer ads, and safer, more private internet


Winstons enclosure is a sleek silver anodized aluminum box with clean edging